3.15 There is still the matter of reliability


    As soon as you ask if someone is reliable, his or her trustworthiness has already been a little bit infringed upon. Reliability in network traffic is as important as it is complex. In my opinion, people who are active in my network, and share and give a lot, are more reliable than others who only come to consume. It is all about a feeling of reciprocity. But beware of the principle of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Before you know it, you will be keeping score to see if you have received as much as you have given. This is disastrous network behavior. Real reciprocity is indirect and asynchronous: if I give a lot, my reliability factor will rise within the network because I have shown my willingness to share.

    “The willingness to share” shows involvement, responsibility, and autonomy of the players in the network.

    And, as I have said earlier, this social capital is an indispensable factor. When you succeed in mapping this, it will create a network of confidants. For the time being, this mapping will rely on your own insight. We can expect the development of more analytical functions, which will make the Holy Grail of the effective network more visible. We are working very hard to achieve this at Seats2meet.com, as is Google. Google is taking more and more notice of your behavior in social media channels, so that your tweets and links will influence your position in natural search results. Retweets of your messages or links from people with lots of followers will become more “valuable.“