7.5 A Seats2meet.com currency unit?


    Together with the Dutch organization Tradecoin, we are investigating the possibility of an alternative monetary system for our own social-business network, Seats2meet.com. Then, the S2M knowmads could do business with each other without having to use money. Many services and products are already exchanged among “seatsers.” Social capital subsequently gets its feet on the ground without having to translate into old money. In this manner, social networks can develop into sustainable ecosystems. And in the near future, we will accept Bitcoins or Amazon coins as well.

    When you combine peer-to-peer lending with community exchange systems, a whole new economic structure comes into being: in the area of development cooperation, international business, or by helping each other out locally. Social capital that is generated within social networks suddenly obtains tangible value. Banks (in particular, the reliable, boring ones) should be able to facilitate this process effortlessly. They should consider helping society create new, sustainable value systems.

    The Netherlands as a model country? Why not?

    The role of The Netherlands as a financial global player – if it ever was significant – has been played out. However, our industrial designers, like Daan Roosegaarde, belong to the best in the world, like our creative industry. Our DJ’s, such as Armin van Buuren, and our Dance festivals are renowned. Viktor & Rolf are leading fashion designers and guys like Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive have turned the The Next Web into a global leading techblog & event platform.
    We Dutch have been fighting the sea for centuries. Not strange when you realise that almost 50 % of our land is below sea level. Our technical knowledge on building dikes, bridges and weirs is huge. Our dredging industry is leading in the world. So, why not use that creative and technical knowledge when it comes to the pioneering work in the new parallel banking processes? We could facilitate the alternative payment systems as the trendsetters of the Interdependent Economy. I think this will suit us; we have what it takes: the infrastructure, the knowledge, the living examples, our tradition of working and acting with many different cultures, our entrepreneurial spirit, and a country capable of finding consensus – a balance. In this case, not the traditional balance between the Anglo-Saxon or Rhineland system, but the balance between social and monetary capital in the Interdependent Economy of Society 3.0.

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