9 Education 3.0


    “Schools should not use new technologies to teach the same old crap. 3.0 schools will need to rebuild themselves not on software, not on hardware, but on mindware that builds our imagination, creativity, and capacities to innovate.“
    – John Moravec, Education Futures

    I detect a change in the kind of discussions in our meeting rooms. Whereas, in the past, there was an emphasis on one-sided transfer of knowledge, I notice a shift toward mobilizing the existing knowledge in the group. So, there is a shift from a trainer, flip-chart, audio/video projector, and twelve person horseshoe arrangement to a dialogue with interaction, a moderator, chairs in a circle, slouching on the couch, and writing ideas on the wall. There seems to be more learning and interactive knowledge exchanging, which I find to be a great development because learning is obviously not limited anymore to the formative years at school.

    In the educational world, terms like “flipping the classroom” enter the scene. But also, education has to face things like MOOCs, iPad schools, collaborative learning, and more.

    On The Daily Riff, blog flipping is explained:
    " ‘Flip’ is a verb. We are actively transferring the responsibility and ownership of learning from the teacher to the students in a Flipped Classroom. When students have control over how they learn content, the pace of their learning, and how their learning is assessed, the learning belongs to them. Teachers become guides to understanding rather than dispensers of facts, and students become active learners rather than receptacles of information.
    Secondly, we are flipping the instructional process and using technology to ‘time-shift’ direct instruction where appropriate. Direct instruction (or lecture) is still a valuable tool for teachers in some cases. Rather than relying on lecture, we simply utilize the process where appropriate to help reach a learning goal."

    In The Netherlands, schools are closed because they are teaching in an “immeasurable” way.

    Our lead Web developer at Seats2meet.com did not finish school; and, in our network, having a graduation somehow seems less and less important. Many students are also some kind of entrepreneur.

    The dynamics of Society 3.0 have obviously entered the educational landscape.

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