The business world and society are buzzing with the talk of sustainability and eco-friendly
practices. More and more people are adopting these sustainable practices in their daily lives to bring change in our damaged environment. But, making your environment ecofriendly
goes far beyond switching of the lights or not using thermostats. Just like you are working
towards going green at home, you should pay some attention to your second home as well,
i.e., your workplace.
This might seem to be a bit difficult when you are around such people who are least bothered about the sustainable environment, but you can adopt ways to change people’s minds and inspire them to make the workplace eco-friendly. Going green brings many benefits to the organization. Companies that adopt sustainable practices are 16% more productive than other enterprises.

6 Tips to Make Your Office Environment Eco-Friendly
Commercial buildings consume more energy and contribute to greater carbon dioxide
emissions. Many companies are afraid to adopt the idea of eco-friendly offices as they
believe it’s quite expensive to implement. Here I am sharing some cost-effective and efficient strategies that will help you in making your office environment eco-friendly.

1. Educate Employees Regarding Sustainability Practices
The first step towards making your office environment eco-friendly is teaching your
employees to adopt green habits. Involving all your employees in energy management tasks can be difficult. You can encourage green habits among all your employees at a much lower cost. A great way is to start with small training sessions on sustainability and teach them how they can implement it in their daily practices.
Another great way is to establish a green team that can help in raising awareness among the employees and motivates them to adopt environmentally friendly practices. This team can aid in accomplishing sustainability goals and introduce small recycling and reuse programs. The team can even play a vital role in empowering and introducing incentives that would encourage more and more employees to take part in eco-friendly practices. Engaging your employees is a great way to make your office environmentally friendly.

2. Limit the Use of Energy
Limiting the use of energy by shifting towards more sustainable lightning. This is one of the
most effective practices these days and can reduce a considerable amount of energy that
offices consume daily. Create spaces to allow more natural light inside the office. Not only
will it save energy but also help in keeping the office environment calmer and happier. Other than this, invest in solar lights, fixtures, and LED bulbs with sensors. Sensor-based light is cost-effective and reduces the use of energy as they can be switched on/off automatically.
Select efficient electronic products like energy-saving screens, appliances that run on
batteries. Don’t let your electric devices such as air conditioners or laptops on standby for the whole day. Tell the employees to switch it off during breaks or when they are not using it.Take strict measures to make your entire staff follow the rules, and if someone forgets to do so, they have to put some money on the green jar as fine or compensation.

3. Reducing the use of Paper Products
Offices are filled with papers. And one of the green practices is to reduce the use of paper.
Although you cannot entirely cut off the use of paper but try to keep things digital as much as possible, also, take up the practice of reviewing and sharing the documents online rather than printing them on paper. Encourage all the employees to edit everything first, then printing it on paper numerous times. Hot desking is a great idea to minimize the use of paper at your office. Most of the office waste constitutes of paper products, and by opting for the practice of going paperless, you can reduce the carbon footprint as well as bring efficiency in your business.

4. Using Eco-friendly Office Supplies
There are many products we use in the office building that can add to the carbon footprints. These products include pens, plastic cups, rubber bands, printers, etc. You must take the initiative and play your role in reducing your impact and buy eco-friendly supplies for your office. These green office supplies are widely available, and they are excellent alternatives to traditional products.
Buy staple-less staplers and pens that can be refilled rather than throwing them in the trash and feed it to the landfill. Moreover, try to eliminate the use of rubber made materials and find an alternative for them. Go for multifunction and energy-saving printers rather than individual machines for every function. Use printer that has eco mode and can print on both sides, scan, fax, and copy. Prefer to use cartilages or refilled inks. Plastic trash bags are a big no for offices. Buy biodegradable or compostable bags that does not bring any harm to the landfill. Mostly reliable thesis writing services opt for eco-friendly supplies to take part in sustainable practices.

5. Encourage to Recycle the products
More than 80% of office waste can be easily recycled. All you need to do is encourage your
workforce to take part in and recycle the products they are using daily. Start a recycling
program, survey your office, and look for products that can be reused, such as paper or plastics. Recycling goes beyond paper and plastic. You can even collect e-waste items such
as cell phones, computers and send it to it to recycling companies. Introduce a practice of
waste audit that helps you in separating the trash and recyclable materials.
Also, focus on collecting and separating the organic streams that can help you in enhancing
your company’s diversion rate and contribute towards zero waste. Teabags, food scraps, coffee beans, compostable plates, and cutlery can be used for growing crops, increasing the land power, and reviving the nutrients.

6. Spacious Office Space and adding Plants
Congested office spaces and buildings can be a source of anxiety for employees. Making the rooms and hall spacious will play a vital part in reducing stress. Have indoor plants inside your office building that would give your office an overall great look and contribute towards making it ecofriendly. Fill your office with plants. It will be beneficial in improving the air quality and bring some nature inside the office environment as well.

There are lots of advantages your business can receive by making your office environment
eco-friendly. It increases the productivity of the employees and creates good PR for you. Eco- friendly practices are cost-effective and can make a huge difference in helping the planet.

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