Tales Of Society 3.0: Episode I, A New School


A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there was a young boy named Joakin Skyrunner. He, as a lot of people, was a bit different. He didn’t like to do as he was told, he liked to ask questions – a whole lot of them! Teachers didn’t really appreciated that, once they didn’t know the answers all of the time. He had a lot of friends though and was the best at building stuff. Once he built his own racing pod by collecting pieces that nobody had a use for. He also created his own protocol droid, a golden humanoid robot called C3PO, who could speak 6 million languages.

One day, in a serendipitous encounter Joakin met Gui-Qon Ginn and San Holo. The 2 jedi masters needed someone who could fix their ship and that’s when their paths crossed. When meeting Joaking they realised that he had special abilities. That the amount of midi-criativion in his blood was kept high even when growing up. That’s when the pair decided to take Joakin to a different kind of school, the Jedi school!

In the Jedi school masters would respect the students as their own. There was no hierarchy, everyone respected each other’s decisions. Everyone had their own role and paths. If there was a question that a teacher didn’t know he was happy to learn something new and to ask the student to go further in the subject. Feelings were respected and personal development was one of the most important subjects. This is how they learned to let the Force flow and to listen to it. To make the right decisions, to stop and reflect.

There, Joakin flourished and created great things. He became a knight a travelled the galaxy on his adventures and meeting people just like him. He is known as the famous inventor of the 5XRM, the fastest popcorn maker of the universe. Still today people going to the movies remember him as a hero.

The school we are talking about is the Jedi Academy. The Jedi Academy was created a long long long time ago in a galaxy very far away. In our galaxy in 2016 we have the happy kids school and Niekee. There super creative kids work on their curiosity and on theirselves by being encouraged to ask questions and discovering the answers to those same questions with the guidance of teachers. Do you know any schools like that? Let us know!


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