Umair Haque, one of our favorite thinkers, says what a lot of people think: today’s leaders fail. He thinks it’s time a new generation steps up. Read his blog The Great Dereliction. This is a quote:

I’d like to advance a simple thesis: today’s leaders are failing on a grand, epic, global, historic scale — at precisely a time when leadership is sorely needed most. They’re failing me, everyone under the age of 35, and everyone worth less than about $50 million. I can excuse leaders who are boring, mean, stingy, greedy, uninteresting, self-obsessed, vacuous, and generally lame. I can even excuse lying, cheating, and stealing. But I can’t excuse the fact that they’ve failed.

If I had five seconds with today’s so-called leaders, I’d simply, firmly, gently say (and I bet you would, too): You’ve failed to provide us opportunity. You’ve failed to provide us security. You’ve failed to provide us liberty. You’ve failed to provide us dignity. You’ve failed to provide us prosperity. So: resign. Quit. Step aside.

(Photo: FMG2008)