Unicorn Club: The Most Successful Startups Of 2017

Collectively, they’re now worth $116.5B

Being a unicorn is the goal of many start-ups.

As unicorns namely titled companies that already crack the market value of one billion US dollars before an IPO. The name alludes to the rarity of the phenomenon. Last year, 57 startups worldwide achieved status, including Reddit and Coinbase.

Reddit is one of the most visited websites worldwide. The platform for unique, funny, but also exciting contributions has become a unicorn by influential investors and advertisers, such as Netflix.

Collectively, they’re now worth $116.5B.

Due to Bitcoin‘s rapid course, Coinbase also exceeded $1 billion in goodwill last year, as the cryptocurrency business is booming and more and more investors are betting on bitcoins. The startup Coinbase founded in 2012 the trading platform for the digital currency.

But not only startups from the USA reach unicorn status. German start-up companies are also part of the so-called “Unicorn Club”:


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