Why Democracy Needs Education


As a millennial I am often confronted with politics, wether it be in the news or in discussion with others. Democracy and education are words that are often used together in different contexts, but that brings up the question: why does democracy need education?

Role of Education
Currently, our generation feels unheard by society. A lot of young people feel that their interests and needs are not listened to and this results in a low participation. On top of that, we just don’t understand politics enough to feel we can actively participate. The solution to this lays mainly with education. Education plays a big role in democracy because it empowers people. Making knowledgable decisions about your future should be something everybody should be involved in and educated about. Not only this, but education also plays a main role in changing perspective which is important when you’re young and at the start of your life.

Sustaining Democracy
It is about educating someone not only on an intellectual level. Not only this but also on a personal level so that one can shape their personal beliefs and values into a powerful tool. This will eventually change the world around them. Acknowledging each persons individuality is seeing the true meaning of democracy. I, amongst many other millennials, acknowledge that in democracy it is not about having people come together with the same opinion but, bringing together people with different voices and making them sound like a choir. Singing as one but all with their own voice and their own contribution to a melody called democracy. Eventually, this will lead to a sustaining democracy.

I believe that the skill-set the new generation needs to develop includes communication and critical thinking. These two skills are incredibly important in this new society. When these are developed there will be a higher participation rate in politics. Thus, the quality of democracy will improve.

So now that we are aware of the needed skill-set to be active participants in politics and society, we have to implement it through education. This is the toughest task of all, but using education to raise the future democratic citizens and leaders is incredibly important during this time.


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