The World Of Society 3.0


We live at a juncture. There is no escaping it. Certainties of yesterday are gone. There is a crisis. One after another. Our financial systems failed and dragged us into an economic recession of unknown proportions. The cogwheels of our society have stopped. Everywhere you look there are traffic jams. Crisis? More like a global social transition! The technological and social mobility is greater than ever. Our world seems to have shifted into top gear. But why are her wheels not turning? Every right-minded person must agree that our countries are structurally being derailed. Our craving for the faster, bigger and better has crippled us. This makes us at angry. Angry that we don’t allow ourselves to use new technologies, new ventures, new legislation and that the political and governmental elite of Europe is redistributing, in a very inefficient way, over 50% of our Gross National Product. Like they did 100 years ago. And that with the approval of the established larger corporations.

Schools still educate people in an industrial way. Students are ‘end products’, however, they are prepared to fulfill jobs, which are no longer there. An enormous mismatch. Youth unemployment throughout the European Union is staggering. 
What about the healthcare system? There is no movement there either. Players bicker about capacity. They bicker about remuneration. About quality. About funding. About overspending. About a free market. But what about the patients? They are left totally out of the picture. On top of that we are getting older and older. The system cost of elderly care as well as our health systems are astronomic.

The resulting indecisiveness of our political leaders has proven to be crippling for the innovative force of Europe. All in all our political system has survived itself. The gap between the voter and candidate has never been so wide. We are living in the aftermath of the Plutocracy of the last century. We are stuck due to the dynamics around us. We don’t oversee our actions throughout our social-, economic and political systems. Systems dating back over 200 years. Some European countries are still rich, some are not. Step by step there is an awareness that our wealth is over. There is awareness, especially under younger people that things can and have to be organized differently. Forced innovation or ‘revolution’ by the ‘lower caste’ is something of all ages. So be prepared, ‘all is quite’ can, under the influence of the modern social media, change in no time. Literal.

Robert Adams mentions in his book Decadent Societies 5 drivers leading to the decay of rich and influential societies:

– Indecisive leadership,

– Extreme taxes,

– Social inequality,

– Extensive laws and rules,

– Smugness, arrogance.

So, all ingredients for a bigger disaster than we experience right now are there. But again, we do have a choice!

Accept or change…

What will be your choice?



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