“Youth Empowers Youth” – Get Involved Into Youth Summits


Today at the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, we had the chance to interview Philip Strothmann, Chair of Policy Innovation e.V.logo, who told us about two big projects Policy Innovation e.V. organizes: The Youth 7 and Youth 20 summits. These exciting events, next time in Berlin and after that in Istanbul in 2015, are “specifically dedicated to involve youth” as Philip Strothmann explains. Through these summits, Policy Innovation e.V. gives engaged youth a chance to be involved in global political discussions and present their results to key policy makers, who can then consider and implement the ideas developed by youth, thus increasing youth participation in democracy.

How to get involved
You are young, motivated, engaged and want to participate in the summit in Berlin next year? “We just opened the application possibilities today”, says Philip Strothmann. The summit will be a great experience for the participants, offering them a chance to develop and share valuable, significant and interesting ideas for policy discussion. Developed ideas during the summit can be used to influence and inform the G 7 and G 20 in the end. Policy Innovation accepts applications for the Y7 Summit in Berlin until the end of November. To apply you can fill out the online application form on Policy Innovation´s webpage.

What else is Policy Innovation e.V. doing?
Next to organizing youth summits, Philip Strothmann explained that Policy Innovation e.V. also organizes “workshops at universities” and some smaller project. Nevertheless, because the summit organization takes a lot of time and is only done by volunteers, the summits are the organization’s biggest projects.

[Source photo: Policy Innovation e.V. website]


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